New Springfield Elementary marks first day of classes

New Springfield Elementary marks first day of classes

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – A lot of firsts at happened at Springfield Elementary School Wednesday.

It was the first day back for students, the first day of full-day classes for one grade and the first day in a brand-new building.

The superintendent said that the school has to know who is coming into its buildings. There are hundreds of students in each building, and it has to make sure each one is safe.

The security upgrade is one of many new features at the elementary school.

“Better than expected,” Springfield Local Schools Superintendent Tom Yazvac said when asked how the day was going. “The building is up and running, ready to go.”

There are still some boxes to unpack and organize, but so far so good.

The new school is getting an A+ from Nate, a second-grader who can’t decide what his favorite subject is yet.

“I like it so much…I don’t know which one I like the best.”

The new elementary school is a long time in the making, as the old building was built in 1923.

“My biggest issue was the safety concern, with people coming in and having kindergarten classrooms right as they entered the building,” Yazvac said.

There are some new security features to get into the new Springfield Elementary, including more-secure doors and an entrance that is secluded from the rest of the building.

“Now we don’t have any of that, we don’t have to worry about people entering the building in an inappropriate area,” Yazvac said.

Other new building features include a better internet set up, air conditioning and collaborative learning areas.

“As we start our diagnostic testing with a Chromebook cart in each collaborative area, the kids can test much faster,” Yazvac said.

Day one is in the books for the nearly 400 elementary school kids, and Nate said he got a lot done.

“We got everything done at our desk,” Nate said.

The school is also going to start using the Raptor System for visitors.

Guests will have their photo IDs checked through a number of databases and have a visitor’s pass printed with their picture on it.

A number of schools in the Valley have the same system in place.

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