Week 3: Plays of the Week

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (WYTV)-Our Plays of the Week start with some special teams action. Southington punting and look at Dylan Glancy, blocks the punt, tosses the kicker aside and then jumps on the loss ball to give the Mustangs great field position, and grab the number five-spot in our Plays of the Week.

Number four sends us to Hanoverton for United and Lisbon. Blue Devils quarterback Josh Liberati looking to throw but takes off on his feet, stiff arms one defender, then breaks another tackle, cuts back to lose another Eagle before finally being taken down after grabbing the first down and much more. Liberati gets the top play and his Blue Devils get the win.

To Western Pennsylvania. Lakeview at West Middlesex. Big Reds quarterback Nicky Cannone rolls to his right and throws up a prayer in the end zone and pray answered. Cody Kabielus goes up and gets it for the touchdown. What a catch there, Big Reds hang on for the win, and number three spot in our Plays of the Week.

We keep things in Western PA for number two, Farrell’s Alex Meyers throw is high, but Marcus McCoy goes up and gets it, and then the rest. Drags a Reynolds defender a few yards here before busting another one on his way to the end zone. Great work by McCoy gives him the number two spot in our Plays of the Week and helped the Steelers get a win.

Number one comes from you at home, one of our views sent us this one. Niles and Struthers, Red Dragons quarterback Tyler Srbinovich throws behind Marlon Pearson but he helps his quarterback and brings that down with one hand! One more look at it, Pearson just sticking a paw out there and reeling it in, what a play by Pearson to grab the top spot in our Plays of the Week.

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