Western Reserve Road fix coming

Western Reserve Road fix coming

BOARDMAN TWP, Ohio (WYTV) – It’s always good to see new pavement go down on a bad stretch of road before winter weather hits. That’s going to be the situation on a part of Western Reserve Road in Boardman and Beaver Townships.

Western Reserve Road will be repaved between Hitchcock and Tippecanoe Roads, perhaps as soon as the end of this month. The Mahoning County Engineer’s Office receives almost daily complaints about the holes in the road.

Engineer Pat Ginnetti says he was able to land federal highway funding to pay for the work. “We have a pre-construction meeting on the 21st,” says Ginnetti. “Then shortly thereafter, you know, it’s just a documentation, a paper trail issue. Once we get all the paperwork approved and signed then they’re good to go.”

Ginnetti says the project should be completed for less than a million dollars. It will involve milling off the existing pavement between Hitchcock and several hundred feet west of Tippecanoe, and replacing that with new asphalt.

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