Small town break-in: Caught on tape

Small town break-in: Caught on tape

SANDY LAKE, Pennsylvania (WYTV) – Pennsylvania State Police are looking for three people who broke into the Grantham’s Landing Restaurant in Sandy Lake early Friday morning. The break-in was caught on surveillance cameras.

It’s that video that has restaurant co-owner Stephanie Gall in shock. It’s their first break-in caught on tape. She says, “I thought ‘this can’t be real.’ This is a very small community.”

At 2:30 a.m Friday, security cameras at the Georgetown Road establishment show three people all dressed in hoodies breaking into the restaurant. Moments later, one person makes their way straight to the cash register.

Gall says, “When I first watched it, it honestly made me sick to my stomach, knowing that somebody can go out and do that and then go home and go to bed that night and sleep fine.”

For 29 years, Grantham’s Landing has welcomed families to their restaurant. But Gall admits times have changed. “It’s 2015 now, it’s not 1986. They built this in 1986 and this stuff really didn’t happen as much then. The crime rate’s gone up, drugs are getting bad; people don’t want to work.”

Pennsylvania State Police say no one got away with any cash. The family doesn’t keep money in the restaurant overnight. Police would like any information that might lead to an arrest.

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