New rules in place for speeding tickets from Youngstown cameras

New rules in place for speeding tickets from Youngstown cameras

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – New rules are in place for drivers who get caught speeding by the license plate cameras being used by Youngstown police to catch speeders on Interstate 680.

A one-month grace period ended Saturday for drivers who were caught multiple times and sent tickets.

“Opto Traffic did have a system in place for the first month where even if drivers are getting multiple tickets, they’re only getting one ticket which they would be required to pay”, Lt. Bill Ross of the Youngstown Police Department said.

A warning system was in place from July 14 through August 18 telling drivers what they could expect their fine to be.

The license plate cameras caught 2,311 drivers speeding in their first month of use by Youngstown police, which is over 70 speeders every day. YPD has mailed 1,500 citations.

Fines are $100 for drivers caught going 62 mph, $125 for drivers going between 63-69 mph and $150 for drivers racing 70 mph and higher. The speed limit on I-680 through Youngstown is 50 miles per hour.

Police believe the enforcement program is working and getting drivers to slow down along I-680.

“We’re seeing a lot less of the higher tiered tickets and more into the middle tier now, which is what we were looking for in the first place to get the traffic slowed down”, said Lt. Ross.

Before the cameras were put in place, Youngstown police could only nab 6 to 8 speeders in a 4-hour shift.

If you got more than one ticket, check the date on them. Tickets from July 14 through August 17 should have only come with a warning and explained what your fine could be.

Multiple tickets from August 18 through September 18 should have only resulted in one fine.

If that’s not the case, you can follow the directions on your ticket to request a hearing to protest the second fine.

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