Police say Lisbon woman tried to get rent money with phony address

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WYTV) – The Morning Journal reports that a Lisbon woman who attempted to get rent assistance with fictitious information is facing charges by East Palestine police.

Police confirmed that Kimberly Mutersbaugh, 55, attempted to convince Social Concerns that she lived in the village in order to get rent assistance.

Social Concerns provides $50 a month in rent assistance to those who live within the East Palestine School District.

Investigators say Mutersbaugh claimed to live on East Main Street, and even provided the name of her “landlord,” which police later learned was a man she knows who was not personally involved.

Mutersbaugh was given $50 in rent assistance and sent on her way, but a representative from Social Concerns became suspicious when the organization received a call from a woman a few days later also requesting rent assistance for a different address in town, but provided the name of the same landlord.

An investigation confirmed that the East Main Street addresses did not exist and there was no landlord in town by the name given.

Johnson said it appears Mutersbaugh attempted to get an additional $50 in rent assistance by disguising her voice to appear to be a different woman, or by having someone else call on her behalf.

Mutersbaugh will be charged with one count of theft and one count of attempted theft.

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