Farrell pulls out of regional police department

Farrell pulls out of regional police department

FARRELL, Pa. (WYTV) – Farrell City Council voted Monday night to withdraw from the Southwest Regional Police Department.

The vote comes after months of negotiations between the two sides. The main sticking point was costs to service Farrell’s 4, 500 residents.

City Manager Michael Ceci said the city was paying $1.22 million for the policing but was looking to cut costs in  anticipation of a $250,000 budget cut, after a tax expires that was implemented in 1988 to assist distressed cities. The tax will expire January 2018.

A decision had to made by November or the city of Farrell would automatically be contractually obligated to the Southwest Regional Police Department for another year.

The city has already taken steps to create a civil service commission to hire a police chief and staff a police department.

Shenango Township withdrew from the regional department in 2015 citing budgetary issues.

With Shenango and now Farrell withdrawing from the department, the SWRPD includes Wheatland Borough and West Middlesex.

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