PennDOT hosts 20th annual Open House event

PennDOT hosts 20th annual Open House event

MERCER, Pa. (WYTV) – More than 1,000 kids in Mercer County got a look at how the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) does its job on Wednesday.

PennDOT’s 20th annual Open House was held at its garage in Mercer and was kicked off by showing elementary school students some of the equipment, as well as what rescue workers do at a crash site.

PennDOT is also hosting a traveling memorial to remember workers who have been killed on the job.

Darrell Chapman, PennDOT acting Mercer County manager, said the department is taking strides to keep the roadways safe, especially Interstate 80 near the Ohio border.

“We have been reviewing all the areas, and we are meeting with Ohio early next month to go over conditions and reporting conditions of what we’re going to do as far as level of service,” he said.

Chapman added that drivers should pay attention when crossing the state border on the Interstate, because road conditions can be different between the two states.

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