Barry Dyngles’ Queen of Hearts drawing set for Sunday

Austintown pub Queen of Hearts

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Barry Dyngles’ Queen of Hearts drawing will be held at 7:30 p.m. Sunday at the restaurant, according to Austintown Trustee Jim Davis.

Trustees had considered moving the location of the game, which has attracted thousands of visitors with six-figure jackpots in its last two editions. They considered the space available at its current location and the safety, especially considering the large crowds that the game has attracted.

Davis said a meeting was held Thursday night between township officials and the restaurant’s management. Part of the agreement between the parties is that Barry Dyngles have 12 to 15 officers present during the drawing on Sunday and that the winner of the drawing need not be present.

Davis said if a winner is not chosen this week, another drawing will be held the following Sunday at the same time.

On Thursday, Cafaro Company Spokesman Joe Bell told WYTV that Eastwood Field had been offered to Barry Dyngles as a potential location for the drawing. He did not confirm the details of the offer and said Dyngles’ owners had not replied.

As part of the Queen of Hearts drawing, players choose numbers corresponding to playing cards, with the person drawing the Queen of Hearts getting the full jackpot, which has not happened since October 2014. Eight numbers are left.

The jackpot is currently more than $1 million.

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