Boardman business installs chip card reader as deadline approaches Thursday

Boardman business installs chip card reader as deadline approaches Thursday

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Home Carpet Company in Boardman is undergoing a slight remodel project so it can better help its customers with theirs.

It will get a new credit card reader on Thursday to read chip cards, set to replace the old credit and debit cards.

“From the old cards to the new, it’s going to be a lot more secure, a lot safer for us and the consumer,” said George Rohan, III, manager of the Market Street store.

Thursday is the deadline set for stores to install the new chip card terminals, or they could face consequences. Customers can still swipe or slide their credit cards, but the magnetic strip on the back of the card is not as safe as a chip card.

The chip cards have a built in computer chip, which is read when customers “dip” them into new card-reading terminals. The chip creates a unique code for every transaction and does not transmit personal information, which is worthless to hackers. The idea is to protect consumers from a data breach, like the large-scale breach at Target in 2013.

The potential problem will come from a business taking a chip card but swiping it, instead of dipping it, because it had not upgraded to the new card reader.

“The retailer will now be liable for those fraudulent charges, instead of the financial institutions, so that’s a huge shift in liability,” said Victor Russell of Apprisen, a consumer credit company.

The card issuer is spending about $2.50 per card to have this extra security, knowing it will save them money in the long run.

But according to, 64 percent of card holders have not received new chip cards yet, and only 27 percent of businesses have the new card processors.

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