Boccieri sworn in as House Representative

Boccieri sworn in as House Representative

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WYTV) – John Boccieri was sworn in as the 56th District House Representative in Columbus on Wednesday.

After an unanimous vote among Democratic lawmakers,  Boccieri was welcomed back to the Ohio Statehouse. He fills the vacant seat left behind by Ron Gerberry who was convicted of ethics violations.

Boccieri said he thinks all lawmakers are doing what they feel is best to move the Buckeye State forward.

“Democrats, Republicans — We’re all Ohioans; we’re all Americans,” he said. “We believe passionately and fervently in our ideals and our hopes and promises of how to change the state.”

This is not Boccieri’s first time serving Ohioans.

He previously served as state representative, senator and even served in Congress.

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