Lawmakers to vote on Pennsylvania budget plan

PA budget

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WYTV) – Republican lawmakers plan to bring Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget proposal to a vote next Wednesday after a budget battle that has lasted more than three months.

That plan calls for $5 billion in tax increases over two years, including tax increases on income and sales, taxes on Marcellus Shale and smokeless tobacco.

House Majority Leader David Reed said he believes the votes are not there to pass the Governor’s budget plan.

“The Governor, he needs to come into reality on what even his own Democratic members are willing to support,” he said. “I would have thought he would have come to that reality by now. Obviously that is not the case.”

School districts across the state are feeling the effects of the budget impasse, borrowing millions to compensate for the lost funds. The new plan comes a day after Wolf vetoed a Republican-backed temporary spending plan, saying it would increase the state’s deficit and harm its credit rating.

If Wolf’s bill passes out of the House, the leaders said they would send it to the Senate the following Wednesday. If it passes there, it would go to the governor’s desk and the stalemate would end.

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