Liberty man sentenced in sexual harassment case

Liberty man sentenced in sexual harassment case

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – A man from Trumbull County is on his way to prison, but he is likely to have more legal trouble ahead of him.

Eric Brazina, 29, of Liberty, already has a lengthy history of harassing people over the phone. In fact, that is why he was in jail March 2014 when a female deputy at the Mahoning County Jail caught him performing a sex act in her presence and reported the incident to her supervisors.

Prosecutors say when Brazina was released, he called the jail several times posing as a police officer and tried to arrange meetings with the deputy.

“Two of the phone calls he made claimed he was running an investigation. He tried to get her to leave the jail to meet with him privately,” said Assistant Mahoning County Prosecutor Marty Desmond. “The other two times he claimed to be a deputy sheriff for Trumbull County.”

Desmond told Judge Maureen Sweeney Thursday the only way to keep Brazina from doing this again is to lock him up.

“There is nothing to show that he is less likely to commit crimes. Everything that he does shows he is going to do it again,” Desmond said. “He had just gotten out of jail and within weeks did this.”

Brazina admitted what he did was wrong, but claimed he was trying to get back at the deputy for mistreating him while he was in the jail.

Sweeney sentenced Brazina to 12 years in prison to be served in addition to a three year term for violating probation from an earlier conviction.

Desmond said in addition to the local crimes, Brazina faces charges in more than a dozen other cases in Ohio, as well as one in Michigan.

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