Neighbors react to 2-year-old Rainn Peterson’s disappearance

Neighbors react to 2-year-old Rainn Peterson's disappearance

NORTH BLOOMFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Neighbors of Rainn Peterson are celebrating after the beloved 2-year-old girl was found alive Sunday afternoon, after being missing for nearly two days.

Heather Guiggle lives right next door to Rainn’s family, and she said she was there at the beginning.

“The night she went disappearing, her great-grandmother came over here and knocked on the door, and we were the first ones out there with them,” she recalled.

She said, as the hours went on without sight of Rainn, hope may have dwindled, but it never disappeared.

Neighbor Joyce Harris told WKBN that she talked with a hunter who searched the woods and told her the terrain was tough to survive behind the family’s house.

“I’m glad and thankful that the Lord has seen fit to let her be found alive, ‘cuz everyone thought she wouldn’t,” she said.

Next door, Carolyn White wiped away tears while talking about the hunt for Rainn, calling it intense.

“The FBI came through and searched my house,” she said. “They thought I had her — twice.”

But nobody could find the child until a large search group went out into the woods on Sunday.

Rainn was found sleeping in the tall grass by a volunteer, and on Monday, the community of North Bloomfield was thankful that she was found alive and OK.

While there has been celebration, there is also curiosity about the circumstances surrounding Rainn’s disappearance. The grass is tall in the field where the girl was found, but the question remains as to how she went missing for 48 hours and no one could find her.

“I’ve lived here since they’ve lived there, and I’ve never seen those kids wander off, and from my back yard, you can see that yard. But they’ve never left the yard that I’ve seen,” Guiggle said. “How does a child just disappear at 2 years old? I’m just happy she’s OK, and the family has some closure.”

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