Greenville’s Main St. business owners frustrated with 37-day road closure

Greenville’s Main St. business owners frustrated with 37-day road closure

GREENVILLE, Pa. (WYTV) – The side roads of Greenville are busier than the main strip through the center of town, as Main Street has been closed since September 3.

The borough closed Main Street to keep everyone safe after part of the roof on the Straits Settlement building collapsed. No one is allowed to be in the building, or the one next to it, until repairs are made.

“For them to close up the entire downtown block, I mean there’s a lot of small shops that are just suffering,” said Greenville resident Marshall Chriswell.

main street greenville closure
The Straits Settlement building in Greenville has been closed since its roof collapsed, leading to the closure of Main Street for safety concerns.

Several business owners told WYTV that their revenue is down at least 40 percent in the 37 days since Main Street was closed. They said the situation is dire for the borough’s business community.

“We can’t go on much longer, and I’m pretty much speaking for every business in Greenville,” said Heath Disalvo, owner of the Greenville News Depot.

“Of course we’re not making the tips and not getting the business that we normally would. These are families which have mortgages, car payments, and we count on this street being open to get the business,” said Lois Allison of Paxton’s Restaurant.

The borough has filed a complaint against Straits Settlement Corporation for the roof collapse. A hearing on the matter will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday.

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