Board member challenges speed guidelines for bus drivers in East Palestine

Board member challenges speed guidelines for bus drivers in East Palestine

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WYTV) – Questions were raised as to the speed limit that bus drivers should abide by in East Palestine.

According to the Morning Journal, Board of Education member Doug Lammert said that the posted speed limit may be 55 mph on some roads, but that does not mean the speed is safe for school buses.

Lammert, whose wife drives bus for the district, brought his concerns to the board shortly before they voted on accepting the bus driver handbook.

He specifically was concerned with a portion of the handbook that stated drivers must go 5 mph under posted speed limits.

He explained that township roads throughout the district do not have posted signs, in which case the allowable speed limit is 55 mph.

In most cases, those roads are curved and narrow, and 50 mph is not a safe speed for the buses to travel in those areas, he argued.

Board members Rube Ginder and Judy Daubenmire argued that bus drivers should use common sense when traveling the roads, but Lammert said drivers have gotten in trouble by the district in the past for driving too fast on roads, even though they were not breaking the law.

He wished to see the handbook state specifically that drivers should use caution on country roads and that drivers should be encouraged to go slower than 5 mph under the speed limit in certain areas.

It was agreed drivers should rely on their training and not necessarily abide by the speed limit signs with regards to going under the speed limit.

Superintendent Traci Hostetler said she would change the wording of the handbook to address those concerns.

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