Trumbull sheriff settles concerns about Baby Rainn

Why Rainn Peterson's survival may have been miraculous

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Pictures tell a thousand words. Some of those words can be wrong.

People on social media were thrilled that little Rainn Peterson was found one week ago after turning up missing two days earlier. But some also wondered why the images they saw seemed to suggest she was dry and clean, after spending 48 hours in the cold and rain.

One person commented, “The photo of her sitting on the ATV appears that her hair/clothes are dry. How is that possible with all the rain Fri and Sat? So glad she was found safe”.

So WYTV asked Trumbull County Sheriff Tom Altiere about it. “Everyone says, boy, looking at the pictures, she looks so good,” says Altiere. “How could she be out there that long? But the pictures were deceiving.

So was her hair dry? “She was just soaking wet,” says Altiere. “She had a very bad diaper rash, and we had to keep her in the hospital because of that.”

Altiere admits some of the circumstances were questionable, but that’s why they investigate. “It’s suspicious. I mean there are so many things we are looking at. I mean we did scour that area. But you have to understand, you are looking at a little girl and the grass was up to our waist.”

With the FBI, BCI and others investigating, the sheriff says they are waiting on test results to determine if there was any wrongdoing, and who is responsible. “We’re actually waiting for all the test results to come back on her clothing, to see if there is any type of DNA, any fibers, or anything.”

Rainn was reported missing from her great-grandparents’ North Bloomfield home on Friday Oct. 2. She was found two days later, a quarter-mile from her home. The great-grandparents now have custody of the 2-year-old.

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