Week 7: Plays of the Week

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (WYTV)-We kick things off with a trip to Beloit. West Branch hosting Louisville. Warriors T.J. DeShields on the attack, looks deep downfield for Austin Smith is makes the diving catch for the big first down. Great play by the Warriors for the number five spot in our Plays of the Week.

To Canfield for number four. Cardinals offense was rolling against Niles Friday, here its C.J. Frost on the sweep. Several Niles players have the chance to bring up down, but his spins out of a tackle, hits the sideline and is gone! Canfield puts up 50! While Frost gets the number four spot in our Plays of the Week.

Number three takes us to Trumbull County, Newton Falls punt lands at the five, that is where LaBrae’s Tariq Drake scoops it up, has a whole bunch of blockers in front of him and says see ya! 95-yards, untouched for Drake who gets the three spot in our Plays of the Week, and helps the Vikings get the win.

We head to Pennsylvania for number two, Grove City visiting Sharon, Eagles with some trickery. A double-reverse that turns into a flea flicker! Quarterback Kam Patterson gets the ball back and unloads a bomb for Logan Lutz who comes back for the catch. Turns out to be a 51-yard touchdown catch, good for number two in our Plays of the Week.

We turn to special teams for number one. Lisbon hosting Southern. Indians punting, blocked at the line and watch Austin Rutecki snatch it out of the air, and take it 40-yards for the touchdown. Lisbon blows out Southern, remain undefeated and get the top spot in our Plays of the Week thanks to Rutecki.

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