Drone registrations will affect local photographers

Drone registrations will affect local photographers

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Air Force veteran Sonny Beckley started to become interested in drones four years ago, and he loves what they can do.

He said drones can be used for photography to give you better perspective.

Beckley sent WYTV his drone video of a dump truck that had tipped over at the old Borts Pool in Youngstown, right behind his house. That was in a public park, but he knows that not all drone operators fly safely.

“There’s a few that wreck it for everybody,” Beckley said.

On Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that it will require people to register their drones with the government.

“There can be no accountability if a person breaking the rules can’t be identified,” U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx said. “Registration will now allow us to identify them.”

Beckley agrees, but adds that there should be training for people who want to fly drones.

“You may think you’re a pilot, but you’re not,” he said.

Bob Jadloski is a drone photographer from Niles. He also spends time training people to fly drones at the Oak Hill Collaborative in Youngstown.

“You can’t run your car into someone else’s car. You shouldn’t run a drone into somebody else’s property. It’s not what it’s for,” he said.

Jadloski is excited by the possibilities for these aircraft in the future.

“We’re trying to put up a package to do search and rescue for the police departments, the fire departments, the EMCs,” he said.

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