WPIAL meeting results in new punishment for New Castle football team

New Castle football fight
Courtesy: New Castle News

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (WYTV) – A meeting with the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League has brought new punishment to both New Castle and Central Valley high schools.

No more New Castle football players or coaches were put on suspension, but the team’s head coach will still have to sit out this Friday night. New Castle’s football team is also on probation until October 9, 2016.

One Central Valley High School football player has been suspended for his role in the fight between the two teams on the field October 9.

New Castle will also rearrange its seating for the team, band and fans at future games. The district’s superintendent, John Sarandrea, confirmed that the fight started because Central Valley stomped on the field logo.

“I suppose that’s what took place, but again, whether they stomped on it or not is not important to me,” he said. “We cannot control their actions. We can only control our response to their actions.”

One of New Castle’s players suffered a concussion from the fight, but no other major injuries were reported.

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