‘Buddie’ asks Youngstown college students to vote yes for marijuana

Buddie, the ResponsibleOhio mascot

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Responsible Ohio is still reaching out to younger voters with a stop in Youngstown on Wednesday.

The group’s bus and mascot, Buddie, stopped at Youngstown State University.

The bus has been on the road every day since August 17 hitting nearly all 88 of Ohio’s counties and about 20 college campuses.

The group wants students to vote Yes on Issue 3 and legalize marijuana across the state.

“Between now and Election Day, we know there is a whole lot of young people and college students who are really excited to vote yes on Issue 3 and legalize marijuana,” said Michael McGovern, Responsible Ohio tour coordinator. “We really want to get out to these campuses and talk to these students and make sure they know Election Day is coming. They can vote early. They can vote on Tuesday. We just need to get out the vote.”

The voting age in Ohio is 18, but marijuana would only be available to Ohioans age 21 and older if the issue passes.

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