Howland to realign classrooms

Howland to realign classrooms

HOWLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Changes could be coming to the Howland Schools that administrators say will make the district more efficient without costing the taxpayers any additional money.

Superintendent Kevin Spicher unveiled plans Wednesday to reconfigure the district’s four elementary buildings by grade level.

The change would allow the district to establish all-day kindergarten for the first time, while putting students in the same grade under one roof.

Spicher says it’s a matter of properly managing what the district has to offer.

“It is so much more efficient to put our resources, our administrators and all those individuals who have the same perceptions and vision under that same roof instead of all the students being in separate buildings and then coming together at the middle school,” Spicher said.

The change will also allow the district to get rid of the modular classrooms located outside the building. The re-alignment will leave enough inside class space to accommodate all students.

Spicher said existing improvement funds will pay for remodeling work that may be needed. There would be no additional expense for local families.

The changes could be in place for the start of the 2016-2017 school year.

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