Animal cruelty investigation opened after Boardman woman reports missing hair

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – An animal cruelty investigation was opened after a township woman reported missing hair from her ponies.

Bonnie Wilcox called police on Oct. 23 after she notice hair missing from the tail and mane of her two ponies. Wilcox told police that she and her husband Tracey were gone overnight and when they returned the next day, they notice that the hair was missing on the animals.

Wilcox informed police that she put the two ponies and a goat inside a chain-link kennel-type enclosure while she and her husband were gone.

She told officers she believed that a person she knows harmed the animals.

Officers observed the animals and reported that the patch where the hair was missing did not look like it had been shaved or removed by clippers. Whey they tried to question Wilcox about the possibility that the goat bit the ponies and removed the hair, Wilcox became belligerent and combative, according to a police report.

Officers noted that Wilcox continued to argue and act aggressively and insisted they open an investigation involving the person she said harmed the animals.

A humane agent was called to the scene after officers noted the condition of the animals and the small area where they were kept. When the agent began questioning Wilcox about the care of the animals, she became enraged and combative, refusing to comply with demands from the officers.

Wilcox was arrested and charged with obstructing official business and resisting arrest.

An animal cruelty investigation is ongoing.

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