Group from Warren arrested for theft in Mentor

Nikeisha Pruitt, Faidra Wildman, Robert Travis, and Desire Pruitt

MENTOR, Ohio (WYTV) – Four adults and a juvenile from Warren were arrested in Mentor Wednesday during a retail theft sting.

Officers were called about 12 p.m. to a retail outlet in 9000 block of Mentor Avenue after a security guard noticed a group of people taking numerous items and concealing them. The group split up from each other, according to police, and continued taking items while one person stood as a lookout.

The group exited the store and was stopped by Mentor police officers in uniform and undercover police. Stolen items were recovered from all but one person in the group.

Faidra Wildman, 32, Nikeisha Pruitt, 18, Robert Travis, 30, were charged with theft. Desire Pruitt (no age given), was charged as an accomplice. A juvenile in the group was also found to have stolen items.

Nikeisha Pruitt is on parole for a robbery offense, according to police.

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