Parent charged with striking Warren principal

William Holmes Mcguffey elementary school exterior

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Warren City Schools Superintendent Steve Chiaro said school staff tried to calm down a situation with a tense parent when things took a bad turn.

Police are looking for that parent, identified as 27-year-old Julie Crenshaw, who has been charged with felonious assault and criminal trespassing after the district reported that she attacked a McGuffey Elementary School principal.

Chiaro said last Thursday, Crenshaw, the mother of one of the school’s students, did not follow the district’s rules.

“Parents or others get buzzed into the office area, and at that point, they have to sign in. It’s our policy. It’s our procedure,” he said.

He said she went to her child’s classroom without permission, and that is when the school principal got involved.

“She tried to discretely approach the parent to talk about how this situation needed to be handled. At that point, unfortunately, things took a turn,” he said.

The district has given more than 100 staff members, including the principal, “de-escalation” training. But those techniques did not work on Thursday.

“Again, we wouldn’t think it would be for adults,” he said. “It’s mainly when we’re dealing with a disruptive student scenario.”

Crenshaw was supposed to turn herself in to the court at 9 a.m. Thursday, but she did not. Police have issued a warrant for her arrest, and she has been banned from school property.

The student is allowed to come to school as normal, however.

Chiaro said the incident is unfortunate.

“We come to work every day. No one should have to go home being hit or injured,” he said.

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