Trumbull County has most attorneys suspended for not registering with court

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WYTV) – Trumbull County has the most attorneys who were suspended Tuesday by the Ohio Supreme Court for not registering with the Office of Attorney Services.

Law license of 227 attorneys across the state were suspended for failing to register.

A suspended attorney is barred from practicing law until satisfying the registration requirements and paying all registration fees and a $300 reinstatement fee.

The suspended attorneys were notified in July and again in October of the registration deadline.

In Trumbull County, there were six attorneys who did not register. There was only one attorney each in Mahoning County and Columbiana County who did not register.

A list by county is provided below:

Mahoning County: Charles Joseph Kay

Trumbull County: Timothy Eric Bellew, Michael Anthony Bernard, David Heskett McLain, David Keith Roland, Kandis Wilde Suhar, Charles Edward Wern, Jr.

Columbiana County: Earl Albin Schory II

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