UAW negotiations nationally, locally still ongoing

UAW negotiations nationally, locally still ongoing

LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Even though the majority voted yes, there’s still no nationwide contract agreement between the United Auto Workers and General Motors.

That’s because the union has two parts: skilled trades and production.

Together, they voted yes for the new contract by 55%. But the skilled trades workers actually said no by almost 60%.

On Monday, every plant will hold meetings to determine why they voted no and will send the findings to international.

If the reason is found to be valid, they may head back to bargaining tables.

This process should be finished by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, local negotiations are ongoing.

Robert Morales, President of UAW Local 1714, tells WKBN that progress is being made, but both sides are still meeting to come up with a new agreement.

The local contract expired September 15.

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