Warren boy repairs bikes for Christmas

Warren boy repairs bikes for Christmas

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – On Oak Knoll Avenue in Warren, a Harding High School sophomore, Elliott Heckman, spends a lot of time in his garage fixing old bikes.

He’s calling it “For the Love of Bikes and Warren.”

Elliott has teamed up with several local businesses in downtown Warren, taking donations of used bikes and parts.

“People essentially drop them off and the businesses call me and say, ‘Hey, we got a bike.’ And I bring them back here and fix them,” he said.

What Elliott does with the bikes once they are all fixed up is truly heartwarming.

He hopes to provide needy children with bikes for Christmas.

“I figured I didn’t need the bikes and I couldn’t live without my bike, so why wouldn’t any other kid be any different?”

The idea came about when Elliott’s mom, Amy, saw a bunch of bikes on the side of the road. She called her son to see if he wanted to fix them.

What he thought to do with the bikes makes Amy proud to say, “That’s my son.”

“He just kept going. I kind of gave him the idea and he just took off with it,” she said.

For the Love of Bikes and Warren accepts cash donations, too.

Mayor Franklin was the first one to donate: $150 in cash. He even stopped by Elliott’s garage on Sunday.

“When they told me the story, it was just so enlightening and encouraging, that I wanted to give to the program,” Franklin said. “I also want to encourage other people to get involved.”

Elliott fixes all of these bikes in his spare time and this is only the beginning of what he hopes to do.

For the Love of Bikes and Warren is taking donations all year long. He plans to give bikes to kids on Easter, too.

If you would like to get involved, you can drop off bikes (20″ or smaller), bike parts, training wheels, and helmets to the following locations in downtown Warren:

    • The Lime Tree
    • The Saratoga restaurant
    • Artistics
    • Lapopstand
    • The Sunrise Inn
    • All American Cards and Comics
    • Gene’s Jewelers
    • Cockeye BBQ
    • First Presbyterian Church (will also take cash donations)

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