Driving simulator shows YSU students ‘It Can Wait’

Driving simulator shows YSU students ‘It Can Wait’

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – New research shows that 70 percent of people use their smartphone while driving.  Texting, checking emails or even social media.

AT&T’s It Can Wait driving simulator was on the YSU campus Thursday, showing and teaching young drivers about being focused behind the wheel.  Sometimes the best example is a safe example.

“Before I went thru that simulation, I was asked how unsafe it was to text and drive on a scale of 1 to 10,” said Robert Allen with Youngstown Early College. “My first answer was five, but after going through it, it’s a straight 10.”

And that’s what AT&T is hoping to show students as this simulator travels around Ohio this week. It’s already made campus stops in Dayton, Columbus and Zanesville, with Parma and Toledo still ahead.

“We found actually 1 out of 10 people with a smartphone are doing video chatting while they’re driving,” said Steve Kristan, AT&T Director of External Affairs.

YSU is a commuter campus and felt it was important to show how driving habits have changed and the dangers involved with the new technology.

“That phone can feel like the core of our life,” said Erin Driscoll, YSU Director of Student Activities.  “But taking the wrong moment to take a look at it can impact not only our lives but others people’s lives.”

AT&T recommends a good alternative to texting would be to install a Drive Mode app on your phone. The app puts incoming text messages in a cue. The messages won’t download on the phone until the car is stopped for over five minutes.

AT&T has also inspired more than 7 million people to pledge not to text and drive.

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