Ballot recounts: Struthers mayor, FrackFree Mahoning Valley

Ballot recounts: Struthers mayor, FrackFree Mahoning Valley

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Board of Elections counted the last provisional ballots for Struthers. The result? Terry Stocker gets to keep his job as mayor, and gets an apology.

“What happened should not have happened. We did make a mistake, and for that, I apologize,” said Mahoning County Board of Elections Chairman, Mark Munroe.

On Election Night, Danny Thomas was declared the unofficial winner over Terry Stocker. That was a mistake that came from an election worker who misplaced two ballot boxes.

“The person put the box on the wrong cart. We should have caught it that night,” said David Betras of the Board of Elections. “We didn’t, but we would have eventually caught that one box of ballots went into the safe instead of going in to be counted.”

As one election saga ends, another continues: the Youngstown Community Bill of Rights.

Voters turned it down on Election Day by a margin of 304 votes.

“In our business, that’s a big margin,” Munroe said.

It was close enough that FrackFree Mahoning Valley wanted a re-count.

On Saturday, they put their money where their mouth is, and submitted a check for $2,475 to pay for that re-count. Now the Board will count all 12,000 ballots by hand.

“It’s not unusual for the numbers to change slightly. But we don’t think there is going to be a big variation when we conduct the recount,” Munroe said.

They will still conduct it starting December 1st. This is the first time Mahoning County has recounted paper ballots in more than 20 years.

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