Waiting for a baby: Boardman couple’s adoption journey

Waiting for a baby: Boardman couple's adoption journey

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Kelly and Stephen House have been trying to have a baby for eight years. Although the process is exhausting, they hope one day it’ll all be worth it.

For Kelly, it’s been a long journey; one that started years ago when she was a teenager. That’s when she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

“The doctors do talk to you and let you know, when you’re ready, you’ll probably have a hard time conceiving. And at that time, I mean, you’re 16 and you’re like, oh okay,” she said.

Then Kelly found out she had endometriosis.

She’s been to fertility, endocrine and hormone specialists. Nothing has worked.

“It’s hard. It’s tough, and it’s exhausting, and it’s depressing. But you have to keep moving forward.”

The House’s started the lengthy and expensive adoption process last February. It’s going to cost them around $40,000.

Agencies look at everything including bank statements and previous jobs.

“They want to make sure that [the children] are going to a safe, stable, loving environment, which I completely understand,” she said. “The last thing they need is another hardship.”

Kelly says the entire process is taking a toll, but the end result, holding her baby, will make it all worthwhile.

“It’s exhausting, but you do it because it’s worth it. In the end, it’s going to be worth it.”

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