North Lima antique store is robbed in broad daylight

North Lima antique store is robbed in broad daylight

NORTH LIMA, Ohio (WYTV) – Sunday morning, Mr. Darby’s Antique and Collectible Emporium in North Lima was robbed and everything was caught on camera.

A man broke the window to the entrance of the store and stole a couple hundred dollars from the register and antique jewelry, according to owner Robert Neapolitan.

“He came inside and went straight to the cash register…and then started going through the jewelry case,” he said.

Neapolitan thinks the thief was probably familiar with his store.

“They knew where to go exactly and they took care of things quickly.”

Neapolitan says he was shocked when his employee called him Sunday morning around 10, telling him all the money in the cash register was gone.

“It’s just not something that happens,” he said. “This is a small town, a well-protected town. Things like this don’t usually happen.”

The fact that the robbery took place during the day is strange to Neapolitan, who says an employee or the owner of a business could show up at any time.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation was at Mr. Darby’s Sunday morning. They are working with the Beaver Township Police to identify the suspect.