Former Youngstown woman caught up in shooting aftermath

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (WYTV) – A former Youngstown woman who works in San Bernardino spoke to WKBN about the chaotic series of events that followed the mass shooting on Wednesday.

Upon learning people were killed and injured at the Inland Regional Center, Karen Ferreri says, “I was shocked to find out what happened.”

Ferreri says she, like many others, was busy on the phone, advising family and co-workers of locations to avoid.

She supervises employees at a San Bernardino government office. She recommended routes to take home, based on information about where the shooting suspects might be and what roads were open.

She tells us, “I just got a hold of employees that I knew that may be in the area to make sure that they were alert and, you know, filled in on what was going on and asked them to either take their work to a different area or go home.”

Her husband and two daughters also work in the city. She was particularly concerned about her college-aged daughter who commutes through Redlands, California each day. It happens she wasn’t on the road at the time, but there was reason for concern.

“My daughter happened to be having lunch with a friend in very close proximity to where all of this happened. Thank God for those things, because I would have been right on the horn saying where are you; are you heading home?”

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