North Lima Pizza Joe’s robbed one week after antique store

North Lima Pizza Joe's robbed one week after antique store

NORTH LIMA, Ohio (WYTV) – Around 4:30 Saturday morning, the Pizza Joe’s in North Lima was robbed of less than $100, according to police.

“We are just in the preliminary stages of investigating this,” Lt. Dan Valentine of the Beaver Township Police Department said. “Trying to collect as much evidence as we can to see if we have a suspect and to determine if it has any ties to the other one we recently had.”

Just last Sunday,Mr. Darby’s Antique and Collectible Emporium, which neighbors the Pizza Joe’s, was robbed.

Bob Neapolitan, the owner of Mr. Darby’s, says he is convinced the same person who broke into his store last week is to blame for the Pizza Joe’s robbery.

“Everything is the same as what happened to our store,” he said. “Breaking in, the crowbar, everything is all the same.”

Neither the manager nor the owner of the Pizza Joe’s wished to share any information, including the surveillance video.

Neapolitan says business owners in this area need to stick together so this doesn’t happen again.

“Communication. We need to talk as a group. We need to share things, we need to watch out for each other.”

Mr. Darby’s has stepped up its security with new alarms and cameras.

“If they come back again, they’re just going to have to take the chance that they are going to get caught,” Neapolitan said.

Beaver Township Police is working to find a suspect. Officers found tire tracks in the grass in front of Pizza Joe’s.

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