Judge blocks Youngstown schools commission from meeting

Judge blocks Youngstown schools commission from meeting

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Tuesday, a Mahoning County judge banned the Youngstown Academic distress commission from meeting or taking any action until further notice.

Common Pleas Judge Lou D’Apolito made that order today. The commission was supposed to meet at 1 p.m. Wednesday to select officers and start looking for a CEO to run the schools. But that meeting, and all future meetings, have been canceled until further notice.

The commission is now one person short because D’Apolito threw out the retired administrator that School board president Brenda Kimble had appointed. D’Apolito said Kimble’s candidate must be a current city schools teacher.

The commission cannot meet until the judge gives the OK. A hearing on all of these matters is scheduled for Dec. 14.

The Ohio senate passed a bill in June creating a CEO of the school district, and Youngstown City Schools  sued the state over the measure on Aug. 21. A Franklin County judge allowed the bill to stand despite the lawsuit, making her ruling on Oct. 13.

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