Questions arise in Greenville Council meeting on building work

Greenville Council

GREENVILLE, Pa. (WYTV) – Downtown business owners and others were at Tuesday night’s Greenville Borough Council meeting with concerns about the work done on a Main Street building.

Karriss Detullio, a Greenville resident who has been among the most vocal about the three-month road closure, brought concerns to council Tuesday night after finding out that work was being completed on the building without a permit.

The old N.N. Moss building in Greenville was condemned by borough officials, who said it was in danger of collapsing. The street was closed for three months but reopened Friday after crews removed air conditioning units and built braces to support the roof trusses that fell.

“There are consequences, but they are being ignored,” she said.

Greenville Borough Manager Jasson Urey said there was a building permit issued to remove the air conditioning units from the top of the building, however, interior work that was completed was done without a building permit.

He said those working on the building were in the process of obtaining a permit, however, the process was not finished.

The person who completed the work, according to Detullio, is a newly elected member of council, Paul Hammill.

“I am frustrated that the person who went in to do it knows the law, and he’s going to be on our council next year and he ignored the law,” she said.

Many local business owners and residents could not wait for the business to be open, but Detullio said she worries about the structure of the building.

“I am worried,” she said. “That was my lead question, is obviously the building is not safe or the barriers would not be there at all.”

Urey said it has been determined that the building is safe enough to open that portion of the road, however, further fixes are needed. A portion of Main Street remains open but could be closed at a later date when further work is completed.

Detullio asked council — Who would be held responsible if the building did fall on a person? Council said the building’s owner would be responsible.

Urey would not comment when asked whether the building owner is being cooperative.

In the meantime, Greenville Borough has issued a stop work permit, meaning no more work can be done to the building until permits are given. If they continue to work on the building, a $1,000 fine will be given each day there is work being done.

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