Santa visits homes in Sharpsville

Sharpsville Santa

SHARPSVILLE, Pa. (WYTV) – One of Mercer County’s longest-running Christmas traditions took place again Wednesday night. It was the Sharpsville Service Club’s 67th annual Santa Claus program.

As part of the program Santa and his helpers visit homes in Sharpsville.

Santa Claus made his rounds Wednesday night at 270 Sharpsville homes, as part of the Service Club's 67th annual program. First News was at a house on Cusick Lane when Santa went inside. Waiting for him were 10 kids — eager to see what Santa was bringing them.

The event used to be held on Christmas Eve, but now it’s on December 23.

Santa stopped at 270 homes — wherever a porch light was on.

The Sharpsville Service Club said that entails a lot of organizing.

“Yeah, the club does a great job. We have Ralph Nehler, who is the coordinator of this. He’s been doing it for about eight years. A lot of time goes into this, coordinating it,” said Kirk Messett, of the Sharpsville Service Club.

The Santa program has been ongoing since 1947. Many of the adults at the homes on Wednesday were visited by Santa when they were kids.

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