Police share tips for driving safely in rain

Police share tips for driving safely in rain

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – With flood advisories in effect in Trumbull and Mercer Counties, the high water levels can make driving difficult.

Canfield Police are reminding all drivers about the dangers of driving in the rain.

They recommend checking your vehicle’s wipers and tires to make sure they are working properly.

“Start there, make sure your headlights and all your lights are working on your motor vehicle,” said Patrolman Mike Sroka.

According to state law, every time the windshield wipers are used, the headlights also have to be on.

Since wet roads can increase the chance of getting into an accident, police say drivers should slow down and leave a safe following distance from cars in front of them.

“When you go to brake, it’s going to take you longer to stop,” Sroka said.

He says in Ohio, the most common accident is getting hit from behind.

“Avoid high water or any pooling or puddling on the roadway at that point.”

The best thing to do when approaching high waters is to turn around.

“It only takes…less than a foot of water that can sweep a car away and if you try to get out, I think it takes six inches of rushing water to knock a human down and get swept away,” Sroka said.

If it’s not possible to turn around and the vehicle starts to hydroplane, he says do not slam on the brakes.

“You want to let off the gas and just go through it, steer through it with both hands on the wheel.”

Sroka says distracted driving could also increase the chance of crashing. Put the cell phone away and turn down the radio to safely reach your destination.

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