Girard heating company keeps busy, despite cold weather

Girard heating company keeps busy, despite cold weather

GIRARD, Ohio (WYTV) – With temperatures still hovering in the 50s, people in Ohio have not needed to run their furnaces this winter.

Still, one local heating company says it is staying busy, despite the unseasonably warm weather.

“We haven’t been slow at all,” said Terry Roof, a technician at William Price Heating and Cooling.

The Girard company has been handling winter maintenance checks, in anticipation for the cooler weather that is likely coming.

“We’re into their homes, taking care of their air conditioning, taking care of their heating equipment. That has taken the peaks and valleys out of it for us,” said Price Heating and Cooling Owner Linda McKernan.

Technicians were on hand Tuesday in Niles for one of those calls, cleaning the heating equipment and checking the sensors and controls.

“We’ve had a lot of preventative maintenance we’ve been doing. We’ve got over 1,000 maintenance customers,” Roof said.

Even with the maintenance calls being the bulk of the business, McKernan said the company has taken a slight hit.

“It’s down slightly, which is typical when it’s this warm, although this is really odd. This is an aberration,” she said.

She recommended that home owners do some routine maintenance on their furnaces, even while they are not in use. It is important not to ignore them, she said.

“It’s just like a vehicle. You need to oil it; you need to service it, so it doesn’t break down,” she said.

She says there is a good chance if you don’t take care of the maintenance, you could be left without heat when the cold weather finally arrives.

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