Foot patrols begin in Sharon

Foot patrols begin in Sharon

SHARON, Pa. (WYTV) – A walking beat patrol began Tuesday in Sharon. Patrols are now walking the downtown business district.

Chief Gerald Smith said the foot patrols are a direct response from downtown business owners who wanted to see more of a police presence. And Smith is seeing more interest in the downtown area.

Officer Adam Zazado is the new walking beat officer. He said the top priority for business owners is safety and the new patrols give them piece of mind.

“People want to have their businesses established in a community that is safe and frequently patrolled,” Zazado said. “I think it is beneficial to have a police presence that is constant, so they know they are safe, their business is safe and their customers will come.”

Zazado’s walking beat is Tuesday through Saturday during the day. Many businesses are not open on Sunday and close by early evening during the week.

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