Youngstown fire chief: Careful with space heaters in winter

Youngstown Fire Department chief John O'Neill

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The colder temperatures means furnaces and space heaters are being used in houses.

Youngstown Fire Chief John O’Neill says sometimes people can get careless with space heaters, especially the tip-proof ones. He’s reminding everyone you still need to be careful what’s around a heating unit.

“You still have to make sure combustibles are not anywhere near it in case you or an animal or ¬†something causes it to tip over,” O’Neill said. “So you got to make sure there’s not newspapers laying around, or for that matter just falling on the carpet, so you have to protect yourself against that.”

Later this week, the state fire marshal’s office is making a stop in Mahoning County to talk about its “Safe and Sound” campaign and how to reduce fire fatalities in 2016.

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