Brookfield Fire Department home to new fire simulator

Brookfield Fire simulator

BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The Brookfield Fire Department has a new firefighter training simulator, thanks to Kirila Fire.

Based in Brookfield, Kirila Fire donated what would have cost the department $400,000 to $500,000.

The simulator currently sits in the corner of the Brookfield Fire Department parking lot, and it will be used by the Howland Fire Training Center.

Howland Fire Chief James Pantalone and Brookfield Fire Captain Dave Coffy worked together to get the simulator. They say it will take away some of the challenges that they face with training firefighters.

“It’s getting very difficult to get houses to burn. EPA regulations are very strict,” Pantalone said.

“So you have to get the next best thing to it, and this would be it,” Coffy said.

The simulation begins from the moment that firefighters arrive at the scene. There is even a fire hydrant nearby.

“As the students enter in, they’re going to be crawling on their hands and knees. This is going to be a smoke-filled environment,” Pantalone said.

The simulator, built out of metal shipping containers, even contains a tunnel and stairs for different situations. In one simulation, a burning piece of furniture is placed inside to represent a house fire.

“The fires aren’t going to be quite as intense as a real home, but the smoke and the heat is as close as we can get it to the real thing,” Coffy said.

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