Boy Scouts participate in Klondike Derby despite weather

Boy Scouts participate in Klondike Derby despite weather

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – The Boys Scouts held their annual Klondike Derby on Saturday, and over 150 scouts braved the chilly weather at Stambaugh Camp.

“Today’s weather is much more favorable than last year, but I believe the boys are all prepared for it and they knew what was coming,” said scout leader Don Duda.

The Boy Scout motto is “be prepared,” and they are prepared for any weather.

“They can adapt to it and make things work despite the weather,” Duda said. “You don’t always get to pick. If you’re in a survival situation, you don’t get to pick the weather.”

Patrick Byrne was responsible for cooking for his troop. He says weather doesn’t impact the meals.

“We’re always planning ahead and prepared.”

After lunch, the scouts competed in different activities.

“Build a fire and burn a string under certain criteria, and the more primitive the method of fire burning, the more points the boys will achieve,” Duda said.

The object is to burn the string in half. There are four different methods to start the fire, and the troop uses magnesium.

“These Klondike Derbies help them prepare to do these types of activities in adverse weather conditions,” Duda said.

The scouts had a full day of other competitions, like identifying plants and building flag poles.

“These are all skills that you can use at various times for survival and that’s what we try to focus on with the boys.”

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