Lakeview unveils plans for new school building

Lakeview Middle School

CORTLAND, Ohio – Last May, voters in the Lakeview Local School District approved a bond for construction of a new K-8 school. On Tuesday, those constructing the new school answered questions from the community.

The GPD Group is the firm behind designing the building, and the company is still scratching the surface of the project. Planners say they are still nine months away from having the design complete, and the site work won’t begin until this summer.

Once finished, the new building will replace the elementary and middle schools. The elementary school is almost 90 years old, while the middle school is about 40.

“It’s time to move on. We need to move to a 21st Century learning environment for our kids,” said Lakeview Superintendent Bob Wilson.

The new building will be built where the current middle school stands and will be ready by the fall of 2018. The standing middle and elementary schools will be demolished.

The cost of the project is $32 million — $21 million of which comes from the community, and $9 million from state funding.

Wilson said the new school will fit 1,100 people and will be 130,000 square feet.

“We’re looking to get a positive experience for out kids,” he said. “We’re look at a lot of flex space, a lot of open space.”

The project manager, Rodwell King, said a few concerns have been raised during the planning process for the project. The current site has draining issues, and there are concerns of the older and younger kids being in the same building.

But King said the building design should take care of that.

“We’ll most likely have the younger groups at one end and the older groups at the other end, on the second floor,” King said.

The bond approved by voters will also go toward putting turf in the football stadium, along with new bathrooms and new bleachers.

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