Chardon sees nearly 30 inches of snow

Chardon snow

CHARDON, Ohio (WYTV) – The biggest snow piles in Northeast Ohio are just one hour northwest of Youngstown.

The National Weather Service recorded nearly 30 inches of snow in Chardon, which fell during a two-day period.

There, snow weighed down tree branches and covered streetlights. Still, residents say it is nothing unexpected for the area.

“We’re used to the snow here. It’s the snow belt. So we expect it,” said Chardon business owner Stephanie Talty.

Talty co-owns The Nest on Main Street in Chardon, which was pummeled with snow this week.

“Today is the first day it hasn’t been snowing,” she said. “Everybody’s digging out.”

Talty said the snow hasn’t kept people from heading to her store downtown.

“Again, we’re in the snow belt, so we’re used to it,” she said. “They do what they need to do, and it’s business as usual.”

Other Chardon residents said as much snow as they have had this month, it is still a lot calmer than it was last winter.

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