Ellsworth native shares first-hand experience of DC blizzard

Ellsworth native shares first-hand experience of DC blizzard

WASHINGTON, DC (WYTV) – A woman from Ellsworth, now living in Washington DC, is in the heart of the winter storm raging along the east coast.

Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial (Photo courtesy of Chloe Toman)

Chloe Toman lives about two miles away from DC’s monuments and memorials.

On Saturday, she braved the blizzard and walked to the Lincoln Memorial. It took her 40 minutes to get there.

dc blizzard 1Toman says the snow was up to her knees at 9 a.m. By three in the afternoon, it was up to her waist.

She says the streets in DC look nothing like they normally do.

“It’s truly a ghost town here. It’s a little scary, it’s a little fun. The streets are completely shut down. They started shutting down Friday, midway through the work day. Metros are completely shut down, all the stores, all the businesses that haven’t closed a day ever have closed.”

Toman says when the snow finally stops falling, the aftermath will be something to see. Crews will have a lot of snow to clean up to get the city running again.

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