Primary Care Associates in Boardman goes electronic

Primary Care Associates in Boardman goes electronic

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Hospitals and doctors are under deadlines to turn their patient charts into electronic health records.

The big change has been underway for years, but it takes time for offices to get the correct system and then flip all those pieces of paper into a digital form.

Primary Care Associates in Boardman now has a faster fiber connection to do it. Its two offices can share records, which they say makes for better patient care.

“Prior to fiber optics, we would have to get information on patients transferred from one office to the other, either through faxes or phone calls or more labor intensive for our office staff,” said Dr. Santucci Ricciardi, a Primary Care doctor of internal medicine.

A fiber optic connection transfers data so fast, you could download 25 songs in three seconds. For businesses, it also means they can restore data in seven hours, as opposed to seven days with a slower connection.

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