Sebring water crisis affecting local businesses

Sebring water crisis affecting local businesses

SEBRING, Ohio (WYTV) – The recent water crisis in Sebring is affecting business owners as well as individual families, as WYTV has found out Tuesday.

Royal Star Diner Owner Shirleen Hughes said that Tuesdays are usually a busy morning for them, but this Tuesday, that has not been the case.

“There’s usually a lot more people here,” Hughes said. “It’s usually at least half full and there’s hardly anybody here today.”

Barbara Braden had breakfast with her husband and grandson.

They don’t live in Sebring, so they don’t have to worry about the water crisis at home, and Braden was thankful the restaurant isn’t using Sebring’s water.

“I am, I mean you definitely don’t want to have the lead in your body if you don’t have to,” Braden said.

“We’re going out getting and getting water. We are using it for our coffee, our tea, we can’t use our ice, so we are going out and buying ice,” Hughes said. “Can’t use our water machine because it’s hooked up to the water, so we’re buying pop.”

Hughes said she will continue to take every extra step to protect her customers’ health until the water crisis is fixed.

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