Family recounts narrowly escaping Bazetta car fire

The family's 2006 Chevy Cobalt caught fire in a Walmart parking lot

Family recounts narrowly escaping Bazetta car fire

BAZETTA, Ohio (WYTV) – A Trumbull County family is counting blessings on Monday, after narrowly escaping a car fire over the weekend.

Miranda May, Paul Wick, Jr. and their son Liam were getting ready to leave the parking lot of the Walmart on Elm Road, when both May and Wick looked into the back seat and saw smoke pouring into the car.

They quickly grabbed their one-year-old son and got out of the 2006 Chevy Cobalt. Within minutes, the car was gone.

“We all backed away. There’s other cars around, though, but [the fire]’s in the trunk,” May could be heard saying in a 911 call, made Friday.

Photos: Bazetta Walmart car fire damage

Wick said, before the fire started, he heard a popping noise. Later, the couple discovered the noise came from a two liter beverage that they purchased, which had exploded in the trunk of the vehicle.

“It’s terrifying that we could have left, and who knows where we would have been if we would have got pulled over and got him out of the car seat,” Wick, Jr. said.

Bazetta Fire Chief Dennis Lewis said the fire appears to be electrical in nature because of the color of the smoke initially. He said the fire originated near a battery in the vehicle.

The insurance company is investigating to determine exactly what caused the fire.

Wick said he is just thankful that his family is OK.

“The important part is that we all got out fine. I mean, it was close, but everybody got out without any harm at all,” he said.

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