Life-size mannequin to help Trumbull Memorial in training

The Warren hospital is using the mannequin as another training tool

Life-size mannequin to help Trumbull Memorial in training

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Trumbull Memorial Hospital in Warren unveiled its latest training tool — a life-sized mannequin named Shim, which administrators say may impact your future visits.

Shim, a SimMan 3G robot, has realistic anatomy that responds to medical treatment, just as any human patient would. EMTs, paramedics, nurses and doctors will use Shim for hands-on training in patient scenarios and emergency situations.

Photos: SimMan 3G at Trumbull Memorial

Annette Jones, assistant director of critical care at the hospital, said the robot is amazingly life-like.

“He blinks, he breathes. We can change his heart rate, his heart rhythm,” she said. “We can make him talk; we can make him sweat. We can give him medications, and he will actually respond to the medications.”

The Trumbull Memorial Hospital Women’s Auxiliary donated $115,000 to help purchase the simulator.

This isn’t the first time that ValleyCare Health System of Ohio has utilized the help of robots at its hospitals. In August, ValleyCare unveiled two surgical robots — da Vinci and Mako — at Northside Medical Center in Youngstown. Mako is used in orthopedic surgeries, primarily for hip replacements; and da Vinci is used for benign tumor removal, hernia repairs and thoracic surgery, among other uses.

Trumbull Memorial Hospital CEO John Walsh said the hospital tries to stay informed of recent trends in technology.

“Once we complete our education, that isn’t where it stops,” he said. “We have to continue to try to learn and learn all of the new things that come out. Every day in healthcare, we have new outcomes and new protocols.”

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